About Us

For over 20 years I had the idea to do something with Ayurvedic herbs. But only for a short time they are available here in organic quality. When I found out, I got down to work and after 9 months, the baby appeared in the form of Soma Rasa in the world.
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Our visions

He who gives, is given.
Live and let live.
All people, animals, plants and the environment are interconnected and interdependent. When we serve the commonwealth, we experience harmony and happiness.
Ayurveda medicine gives the knowledge to feed oneself so that diseases do not arise at all. That means quality of life into old age.
To support this means real service to humanity. Topic sugar The basic idea is that many foods are the healthiest when man in their natural, original condition, without much to change.
In India and Brazil z. For example, the sugar cane is squeezed out and the juice gently thickened until dark brown sugar lumps remain at the end, with all the minerals. Just as you can buy sugar beet syrup in this country.
According to Ayurveda, this sugar, which is called jaggery or gur in India, can safely be consumed. Of course everything in moderation.
In particular, the white refined sugar is unhealthy because the body pulls the missing minerals from the bones to digest the sugar.
The cane sugar used in the Soma Rasa comes from Brazil is organic and deep dark brown.